Spazio Lambrate

Silencio was an artistic project that investigated the world of entertainment and images, investigating these two themes as fundamental elements of mediation in social relations between individuals. From the spectacular society described by Debord, through David Lynch’s filmography to Chris Marker’s Siberia; the production of unpublished materials and the staging of performance had the purpose of exasperation of the fiction. The dialogue between artists and the public takes place exclusively through the use of sounds, voices, images and lights; the intent is to condense in a limited time our daily experience made of serial accumulations but often unconscious of stimuli. Silencio was a live performance, that wanted to displace and is always different while remaining equal to itself.



Andrea Vescovi , Stefano Baldini

A cura di Tommaso Vergano


Addres: Viale delle Rimembranze di Lambrate 16

Date: 19 – 21 April 2018 from 06:00 pm to 10:30 pm



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